Sandwiches Sandwiches Sandwiches!!!

Sandwiches are the perfect breakfast and evening snacks in the minimum time of preparation. This creamy and cheesy snack can be made by the ingredients as per your want and your taste. So, give a hand towards these lovable and delicious snacks.

I am using a sandwich griller for making these Veg grilled cheese sandwiches, you may also use pan or Tawa. So, before starting this recipe lets have a look at the ingredients.


Loaves of White bread

Mozzarella cheese


Avacado (Paste)





HOW TO MAKE(Recipe):

First, prepare mise, means to make sure that all the ingredients are available and ready to use.

Spread the butter over griller and Grill 4 slices of bread.

Add the cheese in the middle of 2 pieces of bread and place again in the griller.

Left the bread pieces of cheese in the griller and spread Avacado paste in another slice of bread.

Add slices of onions and tomato to the sandwich.

Add chopped cabbage over the onions and tomato

Add the mayonnaise.

Now add the bread slice of cheese you had left for grilling.

Then repeat the sequence one more time.

Give a final grill to your sandwich and pin the sandwich with the help of toothpicks.

Cut it into two-piece and serve it with hot chili ketchup.

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