Bhang ki Chutney
Bhang ki chutney

If you are from Uttarakhand then this dish maybe not so mesmerizing for you but if you have not any idea about this dish then lemme first tell you about this mouth-watering chutney. Bhang ki chutney is the traditional dish of Uttarakhand, you can easily fell in love with. It is basically a sauce that accompanies other dishes, but its finger-licking taste and uniqueness make itself a delicious dish of Uttarakhand.

Bhang ki chutney is prepared in usual days with its tasty and simple recipe and savored by all age groups. It is made by the Bhang or hemp/cannabis seeds which are roasted to make this chutney.

So, let’s take a look on recipe of making this delicious chutney using Bhang seeds. In this recipe, I am using tomato and bhang seeds as base ingredients.

NOTE: Don’t use excessive Bhang seeds.


1 Cup roasted Bhaang seeds

2-3 Tomatoes

5-6 Chillies

4-5 cloves of Garlic (small)

1 inch of Ginger

5-6 stem of Coriander leaves

Salt, as per taste

How to make:

  1. The first and foremost step for making bhang ki chutney is to prepare mise for the dish, which means first make sure that all the ingredients are available and ready to make this mouth-watering chutney.

2) Roast the tomatoes in low flame to improve the taste and aroma of tomatoes.

3) After roasting tomatoes, make sure to peel the burned skin of tomatoes otherwise it can bring the smokey taste to the chutney.

4) Then, take the main and final ingredient of this finger-licking chutney, a cup of bhang seeds and roast it in a pan or tawaa.

NOTE: If you don’t want highness in the chutney then don’t roast the bhang seeds.

5) Mixed all the ingredients in the grinder/mixer and Grind into the fine texture.

And now your delicious and beautiful Bhang ki chutney is ready to savor.

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