Coconut Chutney: A Blessing to South-Indian cuisine


Do you love the Fragrance & taste of Brown Coconut, the same way like I do ?

If yes,

then you will agree with me that Coconut Chutney is the boon for South-Indian Cuisine.

Whether it is Dosa, Vada, Idli or any other Food, Coconut Chutney always complete the Dish with its presence.

This Delicious Condiment is the delicacy of the South-India region, especially – Tamil Nadu, Kerela, Odisha, Maharastra, and other neighboring states.

The Taste & Fragrance of the Coconut and the tempering Curry leaves & Mustard seeds not only make the Chutney Delicious but also makes craving for more.

Generally, the main Ingredients used in Making Coconut Chutney are – Coconut, Roasted Channa Dal, Curry leaves, Mustard seeds.

But, today I have another version of the recipe for making this delicious chutney & to share it.

In this recipe, I have just simply used Curd (Dahi) instead of Roasted Channa Dal.

As this Condiment is the 5 ingredients Recipe, therefore, it is time-saving and doesn’t require too many ingredients.

So, let’s have a look at he Ingredients

5 Ingredients

  1. Coconut
  2. Curd (Dahi)
  3. Green chilies
  4. Curry leaves
  5. Mustard seeds

PS : I don’t consider salt as the main ingredient.

How to make

First step is to Prepare mise, means to make sure all the ingredients are ready to use.

Cut fresh Coconut into small pieces or you can also take frozen Coconut Pieces

Add Coconut Pieces, salt, and green chilies in the Grinder and grind to the fine paste texture.

then, add Curd to the Ground paste and mix it well. (Note: Don’t mix too much, otherwise it will take the texture of butter)

For Tempering:

Heat Oil in the pan and add Mustard seeds & Curry and let them crackle.

Then add Mustard seeds & Curry Leaves to the Chutney.

Now, The Coconut Chutney is ready.

It was simple !!! Right???

Serve it with Dosa, Vada, Idli or anything you would like to.

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Thank you

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