Are you a smoothie and shake lover? If yes, then this recipe will drive you carving for such a savoring healthy Beetroot smoothie. We all know the benefits of beetroots but many of us don’t like it or don’t like beetroot juices because of the petrichor smell in it. This simple recipe is a fusion of beetroots with other nutritious fruits to give you a healthy and savoring drink for your breakfast.

You can savour this drink in a post-workout or you can serve this in your healthy breakfast.

So, let’s jump to the ingredients for making this healthy drink.


1 Beetroot

Half Apple

Half banana

9-10 Almonds

1-2 drops of vanilla serum

1 and a half glass of Milk

1 tablespoon of Honey or sugar-free

HOW TO MAKE(Recipe):

First, prepare mise means, make sure that all the ingredients are available and ready to make this savouring and healthy drink.

Add all the ingredients in a blender, add 2 drops of vanilla serum to avoid Petrichor smell of beetroot and add aroma and flavour of vanilla.

Pour the smoothie into your glass and garnish it with a banana slice. And savour it with your fitness partner.

Beetroot Smoothie

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