Sometimes you need a Coffee & Sometimes you need a Bloody Mary.


What’s your favorite cocktail?

I guess, Bloody Mary?

Well, Probably thatswhy you have landed to this blog

Bloody Mary is loved & savored worldwide eagerly. The salty and spicy drink with tangy groundedness of tomato and Tabasco sauce fused with vodka.

There is a history and facts behind this cocktail. And You are going to know some of the facts in this blog.

So, before going straight toward the Interesting facts about Bloody mary, let’s have a look at the Ingredients and Recipe.

Classic Bloody Mary recipe:
  • Vodka 2 Oz
  • Lemon Juice 1/2 Oz
  • Tomato Juice 4 Oz
  • Tobasco 2 dashes
  • Horseradish 2 tsps
  • Worcestershire Sauce 2 dashes
  • Celery Salt 1 Pinch
  • Pepper 1 Pinch
  • Paprika 1 Pinch

Add Ingredients in a Shaker with filled Ice, Give a nice shake and serve

Garnish with Lemon slice, Olives and Celery stick.

Facts about Bloody Mary

1) Who invented BLOODY MARY?

A Bartender named, FERNAND PETIOT (1900-1975) from Harry’s New York Bar in Paris is said to have invented the first Bloody mary Cocktail.

When the US decides the Prohibition in the United States in the 1920s, Petiot moved to Manhattan where he took the cocktail recipe with him and tarted it up with Tobasco sauce, salt, and Lemon Juice — now considered essential ingredients — in order to satisfy requests from American customers for a spicier drink

It is often said that the Bloody Mary was created on the spur-of-the-moment for a small group of friends, and at first consisted only of Vodka and Tomato juice.


Everybody often thinks that from where the world and who gives the cocktails such a bizarre name. like Screwdriver, Mojito, Martini, Bloody mary, and the rests.

By the way I think, the name Bloody mary perfectly suits the appearance of this cocktail.

But, Why Bloody Mary?

Let’s, get to it

Actually, there are two-story which are famous as a history behind the name of Bloody Mary.

Some believe that the Cocktail was named after Mary Tudor, Queen of England.

She was nicknamed “Bloody Mary” for the persecution of Protestant heretics, whom she burned at the stake in the hundreds to re-establish the Catholic Church in England.

“It sounds really dangerous and cruel”

To know more about Mary Tudor (Bloody mary), you can check History.

Another story claims that :

According to Petiot, the first two customers for whom he made the drink “were from Chicago, and they sais that there is a bar named the Bucket of Blood. And there is a waitress named Mary and everybody calls her Bloody Mary.

One of the boys said that the drink reminds him of Bloody Mary, and the name stuck.

3) What’s with the Celery Stick ?

The Bloody Mary: The History and Science of an Oddball Classic ...

The history behind the garnish of Celery stick in Bloody Mary is quite intresting.

Apparently, Using a stick of Celery as a garnish originated in somewhere 1960s at Chicago’s Ambassador East Hotel, when an impatient customer didn’t get a stirrer stick with his Bloody Mary, and grabbed the first thing he could find to use as a stirrer – a celery stalk off a nearby relish Plate.

4) The Hangover Cure

Now, you will definetly think that, how an alcoholic drink can cure a hangover?


The Bloody Mary makes a great “hair of the dog” drink, reputed to cure hangovers with its combination of a heavy vegetable base (to settle the stomach), salt (to replenish lost electrolytes), and alcohol (to relieve head and body aches)

5) National BLOODY MARY Day

1st January 2020,1st Jan 2020,happy new year 2020,new year 2020 ...

January 1st is declared as the National Bloody Mary day.

Which is convenient for everyone who may have partied a little too much the night before on New Year’s Eve and Bloody mary can nurse that hangover.

From now-onwards, Keep in mind these facts whenever you were having you Bloody Mary and You will find you drink even more delicious.

Thankyou for spending your time towards this blog, share your views on the Bloody Mary and these facts.

When life throws tomatoes at you make Bloody Mary.

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